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My Story

Facing a crisis unlike any other, I had no idea what to do next. Figuring out how to rebuild my life on my own, I discovered a new passion and learned a valuable lesson.


As I opened the door, it felt like the page turn of a new chapter. Still with a long way to go ahead of me, I was finally home. Coming back to the home that I had walked away from years before seemed almost like a fairytale ending. However, it was just one piece of the foundation for my new life.


Years earlier before it all came crashing down, I was a successful REALTOR® with beautiful children, a husband and a wonderful home. From the outside looking in, it seemed like the perfect life. Then while going through divorce, the world around me crumbled. I left behind that old idea of myself to rebuild my life, and it was a million times harder than I imagined.

Those first couple years were hard, but I did not want anyone to know how much I was struggling. It was humbling to admit how tough things really were. However, I am fortunate to have great friends who were supportive and encouraging whenever I needed it most. One of those encouragements – to become a notary – led me on a journey I never expected. Through it all, I also kept in mind the words of a former mentor: crises are temporary.


I first became a licensed REALTOR® in 2002 but took a step away when I was on my own. I found a job with a steady paycheck, but it wasn’t a good fit. Working endless hours traveling all over the state and still just making ends meet, the cost was too high. In 2017, I became a licensed notary (having returned to real estate a few years earlier) and it completely changed my life.


As a notary, I have been able to remain part of the real estate process, assisting with signing the loan documents, but it is a better fit for my life than the career I had before as a REALTOR®. As I rebuilt my confidence, finances and life, I also rebuilt my career in a new direction, not unlike my family had done once before.


My family came here from Mexico when I was three years old with nothing but the clothes on our backs to build a better future. My mother and father are hard workers, and our whole family has exemplified what one can accomplish through the opportunities available in this country. Once again, I used the work ethic I learned from them to build a better future for myself and my three children.

As soon as I realized the opportunity I had discovered as a notary, I shared it with others. Then I opened my business, Notarize Me, to serve the loan document signing need with a group of trained notaries. Through the pandemic, we continued to grow while helping many change their lives through becoming licensed notaries.


Through it all, I realized adversity does not define us – we define ourselves through how we face it. There is a saying in Spanish about not tripping over the same rock. You need to learn where it is to avoid that same mistake. Those hardships in our lives are lessons, and it is up to us to remove those rocks from our paths and design alternate routes to the lives we want.

Whenever I am not working, I enjoy dancing, reading, cooking and having family and friends over. My favorite part of being a notary is being a part of that final step with my clients in the real estate process. I get to be there while witnessing them achieve their goals and help others redefine their futures through becoming notaries. 

When you are ready to put your final signature on a loan document, that is a special moment. You are laying that first brick to build the future of your dreams. As your notary service, I want that moment to be as special and memorable as possible. Our notaries are all highly trained in handling not only the details of our profession but also in adding that personal touch to the process. When hand delivering documents and going above and beyond, we are simply honored to be a part of your dream.

I have a long history in the real estate industry as a licensed REALTOR® and notary. With an expert understanding of this process, I also offer bicultural and bilingual support. Fluent in both Spanish and English linguistically and culturally within the Hispanic community, I provide comfort and understanding for my clients. Once the contracts are signed, I will continue to be there to support you at each big milestone as your lifelong notary.


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Lucy Garcia

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