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The signing is one of the most important parts of the deal process – yet nobody is talking about it. Escrow officers often choose to hire random Notaries that come from a random list of approved Notaries. However, these Notaries have no connection to the client, the agent, or the loan officer at all.

This process creates a scenario in which your clients are nervous and anxious, and no one there is concerned about their experience or how the professionals that represented them appear to them in the process.

Hello, I would like to share the signing etiquette that our notaries follow with every real estate or loan client.  

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Lucy Garcia 

President & CEO | Notary Public

Notarize Me is here to fix this for you.

We want to make your clients’ signing generate two different results:

  • Your clients are relaxed and have the least amount of stress, and ideally feel great during the process.

  • Your clients are reminded of how wonderful the professionals are that represented them.

             The ultimate goal is to create more business through more referrals and repeat business.


  • We always dress professionally and are well-groomed. 

  • Upon arriving at the meeting place, we always greet with a warm smile.  

  • We introduce ourselves, “Hello my name is Lucy Garcia, and I am here to Notarize your loan docs. Where would you like to sit?” 

  • We pay attention as we enter the home, and always inquire if they would like us to remove our shoes. If we see someone with a mask on, we’ll ask if they want us to wear one. 

  • We make sure to choose a well-lit place with enough space on the table to perform signing.  

  • We engage in warm and friendly small talk as simple as a compliment about their home, garden, or pets if they have any.   

  • Once we are seated, we then ask for their Identification. While we write them in my journal, we have them review the estimated net sheet.  

  • We continue to complete the journal with their signature and thumbprint. Then, before proceeding to go over loan docs, make sure we praise the real estate agent, Lender, and Title company involved in the transaction.  

  • We commend those who we work with that we know are great professionals: 

    • i.e. “By the way you have a terrific person who is representing you (loan officer / real estate agent). This person is smart and a really hard worker, and most of all I know how much she cares about her clients. I would absolutely personally use her myself if I had a transaction.”  (Something to this effect, so long as it is true and accurate)  

  • We also let them know that if they have any questions, we will do our best to get their lender or agent on the phone so that their questions are answered, as we are not legally able to advise. 

  • We take our time and never rush the client.  

  • We make sure we don’t push paper and just tell them to sign. We ensure that we cover the “what” and “where” on the document, as well as the “how” and “why.” 

  • We read the title of the document they are signing and point to the area for them to read along with us so that they are aware what the document they are signing is for. 

  • Throughout the signing, we let them engage in small talk without losing sight of time. We also make sure to point where they need to sign so as to not miss any signatures and not extend signing longer than necessary.  

  • We make sure to listen and acknowledge what they are sharing. 

  • We make sure that we don’t make them feel as though they are just another transaction or that we're in a hurry to sign and run out of there.  

  • We accept water if offered as it helps with all the talking we have to do, but we're careful to not spill. 

  • We always review the documents 1-2 times to make sure we are not missing any signatures to avoid returning a second time. 

  • As we pack our journal and documents, we congratulate them on their purchase or sale of home.  

  • We leave a professional card and a little gift signifying this wonderful moment (if appropriate).  

  • When we are leaving – we text the person who requested us to sign that the signing is complete and let them know if there were any worries or concerns so they can call right away to resolve issues or congratulate them. 

I would be honoured to interview for the privilege of being your notary. I am committed to superior customer service and making your clients feel relaxed. Request Notarize Me for all your signings.


Request the best signing experience for your clients.

We help seal your deal.


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